Butterfly Beach

2013…It’s been a strange year for me so far.  In January I took off for California and Hawaii. First a visit with my daughter and her family and then off to speaking at a special client conference (and I got to stay for a week.) A week away and alone made me realize how much I needed some downtime. It was a good start. Just as I was starting to wind down, it was time to go.

Coming home I was faced again with the reality I left – my 93 year old Mother was in failing health and she was getting tired. Proudly working until she was 91 years old, we always thought she might live to be a 100, but after a bout with pneumonia which included the hospital and rehab during the holidays, she began to get tired.

In early March she passed peacefully at home after visiting with her family.  She was a big presence in my life and now as I sort through feelings and deal with grief, I am in the process of re-creating who I am moving forward

Usually, at the beginning of any year, most of us  are working on our goals, listing our specific desired outcomes, listing our time frames, making our project plans and enthusiastically creating our plans for getting thing done. Great stuff but this year I didn’t’ do any of it.

But getting stuff done is only part of the equation for a Positive Leader. In addition to the “to-do’s” we want to think about the “to-BE’s”.  I began my list of to -BE’s while enjoying the Maui landscapes and now I am revisiting them as I walk on the beach here in the spring in FL. My to-do’s will eventually flow from these.

I ask myself these questions: What do you want to BE this year? How do you want to show up? What attitudes do you want to embody? What kind of energy do you want to carry?

Upon reflection (you know how important that is by now, so remember to take some “time in.”) here are some of my BE-attitudes so far.  My intention is that they inspire you to list yours  (right next to your goals and “to-do’s”.)
I intend to:

  • BE awake – to the possibilities and opportunities that exist everywhere even in unexpected places
  • BE present – to live in the moment, to pay attention, to be mindful
  • BE kind – to myself and others in all situations
  • BE grateful – to look for things to appreciate everywhere
  • BE creative – and open to new ideas, color outside the lines
  • BE focused – on my goals and outcomes but not attached to them
  • BE organized – in my thinking and in my physical environment so I can accomplish more with less effort
  • BE my “Best Edited Self”- to think more before I open my mouth and learn to speak more concisely so I can talk less and listen more
  • BE on purpose – deliberate, intentional, aligned with what I want
  • BE real – be truthful and genuine
  • BE intuitive – to listen deeply, beyond the words
  • BE curious – to let go of pre-judgments and learn the art of wondering
  • BE reverent – to walk lighter on the earth
  • BE loving – to choose love and spread love
  • BE adventurous and try some new things
  • BE positive – to put in active practice all that I teach, to have a bias for the affirmative, looking for the good and the gift everywhere
  • BE bolder – embody my Mom’s trailblazing energy
  • BE trusting – that the Universe has a plan for me and that whatever happens is in alignment with that plan

Wow! That’s quite a list. I could keep writing but I think I will stop here for now. I know this for sure – I want to walk forward in my life expecting miracles every day. It’s all in the way you see things!


PS I’ve shared mine – now how about you? Will you share yours? In the spirit of MasterMinding, share and support your dreams – who will go next?

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