The more options we have the better we cope with change. The more flexible we are, the better we cope with change. The more creative we can be – to generate more options and more opportunities – the less we’ll feel fearful about the future.

It stands to reason.

The person that will be the most able to discover solutions is the person that has a variety of options and ideas to choose from. That person can be you when you remember the connection between positive emotion and positive capacity. (Expanding our ability to experience more positive emotion.)

When we as humans experience positive emotions our brains open up a bit – the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere start communicating better providing us with a more wholistic view of a situation. The left brain is more linear in its way of thinking and the right, more relational. Together – a larger view.

The “Broaden and Build” response, as it’s called, broadens our scope, increases our exploratory behaviors and widens our horizons.

So, by spending more time experiencing positive emotions we are building our resources and our resilience for the future. We are in essence building “Psychological Capital.” We are expanding our capacity – raising our tolerance for more positivity.

The more options we have the easier (and more fun) it is to cope with change, it’s the Law of Requisite Variety – a law you can love.


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