Resist the Temptation

Negativity is easy. For most of us it’s the path of least resistance. The world that surrounds us continually tells us what is wrong, bad and occasionally evil. While that can be helpful if we need to avoid those very pitfalls, in the long run exposure to so much negativity is simply not a beneficial state for body, mind or spirit.

Pay attention to where your attention goes. As situations occur throughout the day, do you travel down the path of least resistance to see what’s wrong? Just notice. Our brains are wired to protect us and so many of us go right down that path, notice where yours takes you.

And if you find it taking you to a place of negativity, resist the temptation to go there. Ask yourself instead: What’s good about this? What can I learn from this? What could work here? What’s the gift here? What’s possible?

Use empowering questions to resist the temptation to go down the road to negative thinking. Remember – when the body is in a state of negative emotion, brain functions narrow as the reptilian brain function takes over.

Resist the reptile – take the higher road!

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