Positively Happy Marriage Wishes

my heart in your handsJust this week I did a spousal retreat day for a Vistage Florida group. I had CEO’s and their spouses in the room together and the topic was “Creating Happiness”. They picked the topic because they wanted to understand more about science is now telling us about the value of positive emotion. What a great group!

Tonight I found a half a piece of yellow lined paper with handwriting on it on my kitchen floor. I opened it up and on it was written the sentiment I had written for my nephew and his new wife last June.  I had a beautiful blank card for them and just before their ceremony I sat down to write the card. Right before I sealed the envelope I decided I wanted to be able to remember what I wrote so I grabbed a piece of paper and copied this message.

I will send it along to the group I was with this week and since it’s Valentine’s Week, I want to post it where I can share it.

My Three Wishes:  Divinity, Positivity and Romance.

Divinity – Remember every day to look for and find the Divine in each other. Namaste”

Positivity – Make sure your ratio of Positivity to Negativity remains at about 5:1. Share five times more praise, admiration, affirmation, acknowledgment, compliments, congratulations, celebration, recognition and adoration than you share criticism, judgment, blame, cynicism or sarcasm. 5:1

Romance – Keep the romance alive. Keep courting each other. Continue to look with love, fascination and enchantment into the others eyes.

Practice these three things daily and practice forgiveness regularly and you’ve got a great chance!