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Positivity Practices is a blog dedicated to the idea that happiness is a process, not a place. It’s a choice we make over and over many times a day. It’s a skill that can be learned.

According to the experts in the field of Positive Psychology you have a happiness “setpoint” that’s genetic. It accounts for 50% of how happy you feel.

Circumstances like where you live, how many friends you have, and your marital status account for 10%. That means the things you have voluntary control over – your habitual thoughts, habits and attitudes – account for 40%. That’s enough to tip the scales towards a happier life for those of us who didn’t inherit it.

About the writer:

I’m JoAnna Brandi. Welcome to my Positivity Practices blog. What you will read on this blog reflects a journey I began in 2004 when I started studying to be an Authentic Happiness Coach with Dr. Martin Seligman.

This work, and my other studies in conscious living, has changed the way I conduct my life and business and has made me happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. My consulting and training work in Customer Loyalty and Leadership – work I’ve been doing for over 21 years – has been changed and enriched with an energy and a vitality that attracts good clients, good friends and good work into my life.

I am deeply grateful for all learning that has come my way from the “science of happiness”. There is something new and exciting in this field almost every day. The field is led by tireless researchers and people committed, as I am, to follow Martin Seligman’s lead to help 51% of the population of the world flourish by the year 2051.

On this blog you will find many of the “evidence-based” findings of the science and you find many of my own tried and true methods to build happiness habits that elevate and invigorate my life and the lives of my clients.

If you commit yourself to trying my Positivity Practices – and really practice them – you will find that over time happiness and well being will flow easily into your life too.

As the author of “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World” I am always looking to increase my knowledge and experience in efforts that will make this a more positive world. Goodness knows, it’s about time we got a whole lot of smart people working together on helping to bring more peace and goodness to the world. Come and join us. Practice positivity and build more positivity in your life.

How good can you stand it?

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