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JoAnna Brandi, Author, Consultant, Happiness Coach

What does it take to stay positive and upbeat in this crazy world?

Practice. Practice. Practice.
In a world where more than 80% of what we take in from the outside is negative, staying consistently positive takes a little work. Positivity is a habit – a good one – and the more you practice it the more you master it and the more you reap its benefits.

Positive emotion increases your immune function, decreases the effects of stress, broadens your thinking, builds psychological resources like hope, optimism and resilience and helps you live longer. Optimists do better at sales and negotiation and even have more friends!

“54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing Challenging and Sometimes Negative World” is a book I wrote in response to a client’s question in the middle of a workshop. “JoAnna, what do YOU do to stay more positive in a negative world?”

Hmm, I thought, good question. Over the next few months I began compiling the things I did, and the things my friends did to keep on the sunny side of life. After finding just the right illustrator – Jo Ann Goldsmith – an award winning artist – I put together the 54 Ways book. It’s a lighthearted but powerful set of strategies to give your attitude a little more altitude and your life a little more lift. Today you can get an electronic copy of it with my compliments.

I want to increase MY positivity NOW!

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