Appreciation Audit

Building the “Positivity muscle” requires a little work.  In the very same way that you might build more stamina with sit-ups or build your biceps with weights you can strengthen your ability to notice and feel more positivity with the discipline of what I call the “Appreciation Audit”.

Three to five times during the day, stop what you are doing and think about/write down 3- 5 things that you appreciate. (If you do this during meal and snack times it gets really easy to remember.)

I like to use a journal or a list that is dedicated to this activity. You can keep track of the things you appreciate on your smartphone or computer if you don’t want to use paper. If you have a recording device on your phone you can speak your appreciation out loud. (“Siri – right now I am appreciating the cool breeze coming in the window and the smell of spring in the air – put it on my list!)

Breathe deeply in and out from your heart as you do this practice and allow the good feelings to spread in your body. Enjoy this moment of being in-joy.

Over time using this practice, you will build your capacity for joy and more easily find things to appreciate as you create stronger neural pathways for appreciation and joy.

When you are looking to raise your positivity ratio, this is a great way the build the muscle. Happiness IS a muscle.


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