There once lived a very old man in a small village. He was in extreme good health. He could be seen daily out jogging, playing with the local children, planting in his garden. People were curious about him and how it was that he was so very old and in such good health.

One day a young man approached him and inquired “Old man, how is it that you look so young and stay so healthy?” he asked.

“An apple a day,” the old man replied.

The young man didn’t believe him and went on to question him further, “Oh there must be something more – it can’t be as simple as that old man.”

“An apple a day,” the old man replied again.

Still not satisfied the young man persisted, “Old man – there must be something more.” he went on.

With a smile on his face and a shake of his head the old man looked at the young man and said “Yes, you have to EAT the apple.”

We all know the recipes for happiness, for good health, and for stamina – but without using them, practicing them, doing them daily, they won’t have the effect we want them to have. Use your skills daily, put them into positive practice and you too will be the one with the vibrant life and career.